Saturday, January 22, 2011

Battle Report 2

Now with pictures! (Click to enlarge)
Game two was my Nids vs Beau's IG. The game was 1250 points, Capture and Control, with Pitched Battle set up-- I went first.

Terrain set up


Using my Calgar-like tactical acumen, my first turn consisted of everything moving forward. I know, I'm an awesome general.
Mad dash for cash... or biomass

Beau's first turn had him moving up a couple of squads and unleashing blast template hell on my army with his various vehicles and mortar squads. Gaunts fell here and there, but nothing too exciting.
Notice the zombie observer on the near hill.
Top of turn 2-- once again my army trundles forward... only this time I get into combat! One unit of Genestealers outflank on the left and eat a squad, my two units of Hormagaunts shred two squads of guardsmen, nearside Zoan manages to give himself a wound then promptly misses his shot, Warrior's Strangler shot scatters into nowhere, and my Hive Guard decide to do nothing as well.
Bottom of 2-- Beau charged up his flashlights and unleashed hell. His Valkyrie shows up and uploads the melta vets on top of my objective. The Chimera (with a heavy flamer) moves up and unloads the commissar and friends... who also have flamethrowers. (Needless to say the nearside Hormies were served extra crispy.) The Executioner plasma blasts my Hive Guard to very hot puddles and the farside hormies were flashlighted to death. The Manticore killed off a Warrior. Things were not looking good for me.
Stupid tanks.

Very lonely and self-wounded Zoan is lonely...
Top of 3-- The other squad of Genestealers shows up right where I want on the far side and immediately get stuck in. First squad of stealers charge the Manticore and get 24 auto hits needing sixes to auto-pen... I roll one six and immediately follow it with a one (sigh). Termagants move up and unloads on the closest squad and kill off about half. Warriors move over into cover and shoot up the vets while one zoan misses and the other immobilizes the Chimera.

Pile in!
Bottom of 3-- Beau adjusts his lines to move back onto his objective and shoots up the Gants and kills off the far Zoan. Nothing much else happens.

Top of 4--The genestealers make up for their failure last turn by blowing up the manticore, and kill off two of their own in the resulting blast. (As scary as it was, all it killed all game was one warrior and the suicidal stealers). The Gants kill off the Commissar's squad and he flees (sadly, commissars do not execute themselves in this scenario). The Warriors charge in and wipe out the vets, and the far side stealers are about an inch out of range of charging the command squad.

Bottom of 4-- Beau unloads on the both sets of stealers and does a lot of damage killing off the far side completely and picking off a couple on the near side. The last Zoan passes all of it's saves (amazingly).
The flamer template was left there as a subtle warning
Top of 5-- Stealers move up a bit ready to charge the vehicles. The zoan kills the main gun on the Executioner.(My long range anti-tank was rather disappointing all game).
Bottom of 5-- A few more readjustments from Beau, including charging the Valk over to contest my objective. The Zoan, the Gants, and 3 stealers die.

Top of 6-- The Stealers charge the Executioner and whiff, the Warriors (well, the Prime with them) manage to bring down the Valkyrie despite needing a whole mess of sixes to hit and hurt it.
Not much left on the table
Bottom of 6-- Not much happens as my two remaining units are either out of range or out of LOS, one stealer dies to the multilaser.
Turn 7-- Last turn. With nothing much else to do I get the brilliant idea to move my last stealer around the Executioner and into range of the squad holding the objective in order to contest it. I make it into combat and fluff my attacks while surviving the return attacks. In his turn Beau charges in the command squad, it all comes down to the melee phase... If my stealer survives I win, if he dies we tie. The Colonel fluffs his power sword attacks, the rest of the two squads manage to put on 2 wounds-- I need 5+ to save. Roll one-- 6! Roll two... 4. We end our game in the best tie ever, bloody, battered, and laughing.
It all came down to this
All in all it was an excellent game (with a few rules mistakes on both sides, but hey, we're still learning!) A special thank you goes out to our ghetto TO Jason, who was kind enough to look up rules, take pictures, and provide an excellent commentary throughout.
The guy on the right is awesome. True story.


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