Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Small update

Over the weekend my best friend came into town and we managed to get in three games-- his Blood Angels vs my Nids. It was more of a chance for us to relearn the game and work on our lists than anything else, but it was fun none the less.(I won 2-1, but we managed to come up with a great list for him by the third game and he curbstomped me with it!)

He also brought me a box of Tyranid Warriors, which I used to make a new Warrior Prime (I don't really like the model I've been using) and a pair of Tyrant Guard (using the extra head tops from my Trygon as shields, pics in a few days). My Google check came in (thanks for the support guys!), so I'll be ordering a Hive Tyrant later this week which will open up my options a bit more.

I'm debating on expanding my Nids more with future income or starting a second army (Black Templars). On one hand I love my Nids and more units means more options for lists, however, the main ones I want to get (Tervigons and Tyrannofexs) would require conversions as there are no actual models out for them yet. Also, Jason's army is also Tyranids so it would be nice to have something different on the table. Any thoughts on the subject? Right now I'm leaning on expansion, but if rumors are true then the Tervi/Tryranno kit is supposed to be released in August so it would behoove me to wait.